Florida Vota por Justicia Ambiental #ActOnClimate

Florida Vota por Justicia Ambiental #ActOnClimate

The health consequences of climate change affect all but the poorest Americans, Latinos and other minorities are the worst. The limited capacity of these communities primarily concerned to address extreme events becoming more intense and frequent weather is in our hands to prevent the continuation of this unjust circumstances giving rise to inequality.

In the country, 28 million Latinos live in areas with levels higher than health standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and ozone is expected that the already dangerous air quality is exacerbated by increasing climate change asthma attacks. Socioeconomic, cultural and environmental factors make us more vulnerable. One in ten Hispanic children is 40% more likely to die of a chronic condition by air pollution.

Research indicates that for every increase of 10 ° F (5.6 ° C) in temperature, there is a 2.6 percent increase in deaths from cardiovascular causes. The risk being higher for persons 65 years and children of one year or less.

In recent years, extreme events such as heat waves, droughts and floods «super-sized» have, to the point where the country now speak of super weeds, drought super, super, super snow storms, ever increasing more; further affecting Latino communities. Despite all that, the pollution from industry has not been regulated and this super-sized.

As a society we have failed in efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from industry are the main cause of this problem. Maybe that’s why the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency began his speech in Florida apologizing on behalf of his generation.

Finally, the agency embraces us with a legislative proposal that would significantly reduce the problem. An action that will be fairer to the inequality crisis currently facing the Latino community. But it needs a way to go. The EPA needs our support for establishing the standard without in the process of public consultations prevail the interests of the industry to continue acting unfairly in their individual profit and compromising our welfare.

We continue allowing the industry to accentuate inequalities Latinos and other minorities? Will we allow super-dimensione is also inequity toward Latinos? Or will force compliance with the EPA rule to close this gap. The answer lies in each of us, in the arrangement that we have to be part of the solution and define our destination participating in the processes of decision making. It will be the beginning of a legitimate and unavoidable way to make amends and make the task of ensuring the rights of all equally.

The Clean Electric Power Plan proposes that each state establishes its own plan to reduce emissions. These reductions will lead to benefits of climate and health estimated to be valued between $ 55 billion and $ 93 billion by 2030. This includes avoiding up to 6,600 premature deaths and 150,000 asthma attacks in 2030. In particular, we must consider that for every dollar investment through the Electric Energy Plan wiper American families will see up to $ 7 in health benefits.

Governors should establish transparent mechanisms for public consultation because it depends not only the effectiveness but also the efficiency of the application of the standard. Not enough to achieve the proposed goal, we need to find the way the welfare and safety we have lost soon. To achieve the objective would be worthless if we do before pushing the population. Actions to reduce the impact on the climate should be given immediately.

We are a mega-diverse and democratic country, but to keep the peace and security of the nation, our efforts to achieve a stable economic, political and social system must be sustainable. It is time to move towards environmental justice. Environmental justice means to break the cycle of inequality. Focusing on the development in the broadest sense of the word.

When you’re facing the ballot box not bury your vote, be sure to vote for Climate Change, Vote for environmental justice, we need action now. #ActOnClimate

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