A Message to the Green Generation

A Message to the Green Generation

From time to time, an individual comes about who changes the world.

An individual whose unique ideas and attitude make him or her excel and succeed at any aspect of life.

A leader, a believer, an inventor, and a dreamer.

A person whose qualities will eventually lead them to places no man has ever been before.

Heroes, leaders, and inventors are not born, they are made.

All of the qualities can be found in anyone around you, including yourself.

So make a positive change in your life, and believe in yourself, because with self-confidence, you can make anything possible.

All around the world, there are individuals making a positive change, and you can be one as well.

Here are some ways YOU can be an influential individual by starting out small:

Gather your friends, go out and,

Explore, join a youth group, volunteer, learn, inquire, ask questions, have fun, help out at local shelters, and live your life to the fullest.

Believe me, by being yourself, and by learning around the world around you, you too can make a change in the world. You may not see it now, but in 20 years or so, you’ll be glad you became ACTIVE.

Here at Common Ground, we have plenty of enriching, educational, and entertaining volunteering activities that absolutely everyone and anyone can be a part of.

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