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Press Release

2009 Latino Achievements in Innovation


«As the United States experiences unprecedented shifts in technology, the economy and demographics, let’s join together to place Latinos at the forefront of the green economy. New technologies hold great promise for the future of the United States. It’s time to forge ahead and seize opportunities so that when 2030 arrives, young Latinos will lead, compete and succeed.» CHCI Chair Nydia M. Velázquez (NY-12).

The 2009 CHCI Public Policy Conference, September 13-15, and particularly its Closing Plenary on Tuesday, September 15, featured a substantive dialogue on the green economy and green jobs. During the closing plenary the Hon. Dennis Cardoza and Hon. Ben Ray Lujan discussed green technology and its applications, culminating with presentations on the innovative production strategy of Frito Lay and the YouthWorks program in Santa Fe.

The plenary also showcased Latino entrepreneurs, innovators, and initiatives spearheaded by Latinos across the country promoting a greener economy and green jobs, thus providing a forum to demonstrate Latino talent, innovation, and leadership in the new green economy.  The plenary featured innovators from:

Caribbean Renewable Technologies
Common Ground for Conservation
Evergreen Solar Solutions
GreenSpace Developments LLC
La Casa De Esperanza
La Onda Verde de NRDC
New Energy Tech & Development
We Can Do It

For a complete summary of all the featured companies and organizations, please click the link below.

Green Initiatives Handout

CHCI thanks its supporters and stakeholders who made recognition of these innovators in the green economy, providing visibility and recognition for success achieved to date and inspiration for other Latinos to join them in this important pursuit.

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Eventos Más Destacados

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